Everydaywigs is an online website where you can buy beautiful wigs.
They believe in quality products, modern style, affordable prices and quick delivery. You can have a good community with customs service and ask them about everything about wigs.If some wigs are out of stock then you need wait a few days to custom.
All items in Everydaywigs are currently FREE SHIPPING to worldwide. Also, you have a tracking number for your order,
One important thing, they accept payment via PayPal.

Wigs are heat friendly. You can heat it with regular heat styling tools under 180 degrees to avoid damaging the fibers. You could use some conditioner or wig oil on the wigs. Also, you can bring your wig to a professional hairdresser for a care. If handled properly, wigs can last six months to a year. Keep you wig in a plastic bag in a cool dry space.

My favourite selection from his site is ombre lace front wigsIt is darker hair color on the top and lighter hair color at the ends of the hair.  I will show you some of my favourites.

Second choice is blonde lace front wigs because I never was blonde but I am very curious how it will looks on me. On this site you can hoose from beach blonde to honey blonde,from short hair to long hair,they can match all occasions. I have some favourites :)

Thank you for reading.

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